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Sophia Loren remains undoubtedly the most famous Italian actress of the Twentieth Century. She is beloved by Italians and Americans alike for her style and sensuality as well as her natural warmth and charm. Sophia Loren came to embody the spirit of a newly capitalist Italy and the economic boom which spawned what is often referred to as the ‘dolce vita’ era.

Loren rose to fame as a comedic actress whose curvaceous figure made her a sex symbol embodying the ideal of Italian femininity. However Loren’s acting abilities and timeless elegance soon sealed her position as an Italian icon, unmatched by any other. In 1960, Loren became the first Italian woman to win an Oscar for her performance in La Ciocciara, directed by Vittorio De Sica.

In this image, Loren is both transfixed, and on the brink of some sort of energetic explosion. She is holding back a hysteria, a scream, and her diverted eyes deny us the object of her emotion. We are forced to imagine and to fanticise the cause. Despite any indication of cause in the film, this still image defies a plot, and forces its audience to both create and step into the fantastic situation.

In this case, the implied 'documentation' and 'factualism' of photography are exactly what provoke the viewer to imagine, and all the while seep further into a fantasy.

Vintage photographs presented by Flash Projects include pre-owned photographs, including press images which may have been frequently handled. Flash Projects is happy to send condition reports of any contemporary edition or vintage work on request. Condition reports are provided as a service to interested parties, and buyers should note that descriptions of property are not warranties. Each item is sold ‘as is’.

Pierluigi Praturlon

Sophia Loren in 'I sequestrati di Altona'

Vintage Gelatin Silver Print

19.1 x 24.1 cms (7.51 x 9.47 ins)