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Tazio Secchiaroli was an Italian photographer known for being the ‘designated leader of the pack’ of the original paparazzi and subsequently a model for the character ‘Paparazzo’ in Federico Fellini's film ''La Dolce Vita.” Believing a picture is a stolen moment from life; he wanted his photos full of action and in defense of his aggressive photographic style, he has said, “the day photographers will no longer be after you, you’ll be after them!”

Starting out taking photos of tourists and American soldiers on the streets of Rome, Secchiaroli quickly realized it was more profitable to sell photographs of celebrities to the newspapers. Knowing journalists were constantly searching for a fresh angle, Secchiaroli decided to stage confrontations with his celebrity prey -- an alarming flash, an overturned table, a starlet on the run -- creating little incidents, as he says in ''Tazio Secchiaroli: Greatest of the Paparazzi', to ''produce great features that earned us a lot of money.'' And, not so incidentally, earning the ‘victim’ a lot of press coverage, thus satiating all parties involved. He and his fellow photographers, Sergio Spinelli, Velio Cioni and Elio Sorci, would chase celebrities on their Vespas and try to photograph them unaware. Secchiaroli found that magazine editors, bored with staged portraits, would pay dearly for what he called surprise pictures of stars, especially if they were caught in compromising positions.

Basing Fellini’s character ‘Paparazzo’ on Secchiaroli, after La Dolce Vita came out, Secchiaroli's reputation soared. Various filmmakers and stars, including Marcello Mastroianni and Sophia Loren, used him as their personal photographer, in this capacity Secchiaroli turned into the star’s companion and confidante. Ironically, a film that reflected Paparazzo’s-- and thus Secchiaroli’s-- ‘other’ or ‘outsider’ status in the celebrity world was enough to grant him unrestrained access inside it. For the next twenty years, Sophia Loren took Secchiaroli with her around the world, and on these voyages the former was privy to snap the portraits of many other international stars. Retiring in 1983, Secchiaroli saw three solo exhibitions of his work at such notable places as the Photology Gallery in Milan and the Palazzo delle Stelline.

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Tazio Secchiaroli

Britt Ekland

Vintage Gelatin Silver Print

23.5 x 19.8 cms (9.24 x 7.78 ins)


Stamped on reverse: