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Caption attached to the reverse reading:


PARIS: A torrid sex film starring Marlon Brando is scheduled to be released in the United States sometime this spring.

Called the "Last Tango in Paris" the film, now showing here in Paris, reportedly breaks every permissive barrier. Brando, 48 years old, has as his co-star Maria Schneider, aa previously unknown 20-year-old French starlet. Here the pair are shown in one of the several nude scenes in the film. The movie, in full color, [sic] is being released throught United Artists-a representative of which conceded 'there may be censorship problems.

NA 1-2-3 rn CREDIT (UPI) 1/9/73 bs'

Stamped on the reverse:

'United Press International Photo'

Inscribed on the reverse:


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United Press International

Marlon Brando in 'Last Tango in Paris'

Vintage Gelatin Silver Print

20.2 x 25.6 cms (7.94 x 10.06 ins)


stamped on reverse
United Press International Photo
[with details of full credit]