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text attached to label on reverse reads: NXP2019453H...UNIPIX BOWIE ON BROADWAY NEW YORK: Surgeon Frederick Treves, played by Donal Donnelly (right), takes care of John Merrick (David Bowie) at the surgeon's hospital. Bowie's career has spanned mime, music (performing, producing and composing), and, most recently, motion pictures. How does he see himself? "I stumbled over the world [sic] 'generalist' at one point," he says. "So I decided to label myself a generalist. It covers everything. It gives me full scope" NX-1-2-3 CREDIT: UPI 9-19-80 jo/Ezio Petersen see NXP2019453E,F,G,I

Vintage photographs presented by Flash Projects include pre-owned photographs, including press images which may have been frequently handled. Flash Projects is happy to send condition reports of any contemporary edition or vintage work on request. Condition reports are provided as a service to interested parties, and buyers should note that descriptions of property are not warranties. Each item is sold ‘as is’.

United Press International

David Bowie on Broadway in 'The Elephant Man'

Vintage Gelatin Silver Print

20.2 x 25.2 cms (7.94 x 9.90 ins)


stamped on reverse
United Press International Photo
[with details of full credit]