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Satyricon is a 1969 Italian film by Federico Fellini. It is loosely based on Petronius's work, Satyricon, a series of bawdy and satirical episodes written during the reign of the emperor Nero and set in imperial Rome. Fellini was nominated for an Oscar for Best Director for the film. The film stars actors Martin Potter, Hiram Keller and Capucine.

Federico Fellini was an Italian film director known for a distinct style that blends fantastic and baroque images. He is considered to be one of the most influential and revered filmmakers of the 20th Century.

Stamped on the reverse in blue ink:

'Artistas Unidas Paris 624 - 2e Pisc Casilla No. 623 Santiago - Chile'

Inscribed on the reverse:


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Anonymous (FF)

Fellini Satyricon scene

Vintage Gelatin Silver Print

20.3 x 25.4 cms (7.98 x 9.98 ins)