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'David Hurn - magnum'

In a profile in The Sunday Times, David Hurn has vividly recalled photographing Fonda during the making of Barbarella:

'One day in 1967, Hurn answered a call from a publicist on a promising- sounding science-fiction romp called Barbarella, which was being produced in Italy by Dino De Laurentiis. "They'd been having quite a tough time with Jane," recalls Hurn, now 70. "She's slightly difficult to photograph when she's uptight. They asked me if I'd come to Rome and work with her. So that's what I did.

As luck would have it, we hit it off straight away - and I hit it off with Vadim too. I ended up spending about nine months with them."

Hurn photographed Fonda in her whole wardrobe of sexy "astronavigatrix" outfits, and says the 29-year-old star and her 39-year-old husband, Roger Vadim, were "very trusting and incredibly generous to me. At one time on the movie, I had my photographic equipment stolen. They went to the trouble - without telling me - of finding out exactly what it was and buying all new equipment. We're talking Leicas, which are not cheap". By contrast, Hurn also witnessed the unkindnesses that Vadim, Barbarella's director, put his wife through in the making of the cult movie. "They stuck her in this cage with all these birds, and then made loud noises so the birds would all get frightened and flap around her. That must have been really awful. And there's a scene where she slides down a tube, and she ended up with her skin ripped because of the friction. But she was an unbelievable trouper: she just got stuck in and got on with it.' The Sunday Times, 22 May 2005

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David Hurn

Jane Fonda as Barbarella

Vintage Gelatin Silver Print

19.5 x 29.5 cms (7.66 x 11.59 ins)


David Hurn-magnum