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Baroness (Silvia) Amelia de Waldner is a Brazilian socialite and aristocrat. She is married to Baron Gerard de Waldner whose mother was friends with the Queen Mother. This photographic negative acetate print was acquired directly from the Lowell family, owners of the printing studio Warhol used to create the silkscreen of Baroness Silvia (Sylvia) Amelia de Waldner. As Bob Colacello, former Editor in Chief of Interview magazine explained, "many hands were involved in the rather mechanical silk- screening process...but only Andy in all the years I knew him, worked on the acetates." An acetate is a photographic negative transferred to a transparency, allowing an image to be magnified and projected onto a screen. As only Andy worked on the acetates, it was the last original step prior to the screen-printing of an image, and the most important element in Warhol's creative process for silk-screening. This acetate was taken by Warhol to Eunice and Jackson Lowell, owners of Chromacomp, a fine art printing studio in NYC, and was acquired directly from the Lowell's private collection. During the 1970s and 80s, Chromacomp was the premier atelier for fine art limited edition silkscreen prints; indeed, Chromacomp was the largest studio producing fine art prints in the world for artists such as Andy Warhol, Leroy Neiman, Erte, Robert Natkin, Larry Zox, David Hockney and many more. All of the plates were done by hand and in some cases photographically. Famed printer Alexander Heinrici worked for Eunice & Jackson Lowell at Chromacomp and brought Andy Warhol in as an account. Shortly afterwards, Warhol or his workers brought in several boxes of photographs, paper and/or acetates and asked Jackson Lowell to use his equipment to enlarge certain images or portions of images. Warhol made comments and or changes and asked the Lowells to print some editions; others were printed elsewhere. Chromacomp Inc. ended up printing several Warhol silkscreens and series, based on the box of photographic acetates, both positives and negatives, leaving the remaining with Eunice and Jackson Lowell. After the Lowells closed the shop, the photographs were packed away where they remained for nearly a quarter of a century.

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Andy Warhol

Baroness Ameliade Waldner

Photographic Acetate

37 x 28 cms (14.54 x 11.00 ins)