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Martine Franck was born in Antwerp in 1938. After working in Paris in the 1960s and 70s, she joined Magnum Photos in 1980.
She began her career in 1962 working for Time-Life Magazines in Paris. Franck met Henri Cartier-Bresson in 1966 while photographing fashion shoots in Paris for the New York Times. In 1970, she married the illustrious photographer to become his second wife and president and cofounder of the Henri Cartier-Bresson Foundation, which manages the artist's estate.
In addition to her partnership with Cartier-Bresson, Franck is also a photographer in her own right.
She once commented: 'Once people ask you to take their photograph, you know you have been accepted.'
Her major projects include documenting ancient Gaelic communities in Ireland and the education system of Tibetan monks. She worked at the Vu photo agency from 1970-71 and co-founded the Viva agency in 1972.
She became a full member of Magnum Photos in 1983 and has since worked for Vogue Magazine in Paris.

Selected Exhibitions:

Martine Franck, The Kahitsukan Kyoto Museum of Contemporary Art

2004 - 2005
Fables, The French Institute in Berlin, Germany; Rencontres Internationales d'Arles, France

2002 - 2003
Martine Franck Photographe, Musde la Vie Romantique, Paris, France; Ecole Supdes Beaux-Arts de Nimes, France

Tibetan Tulkus, Moscow House of Photography, Russia; Rossi Gallery, London, UK

1998 - 2000
Tory Island, The Gallery of Photography, Dublin, Ireland; Old Museum, Belfast, Northern Ireland; Galerie Fait et Cause, Paris, France
D'un jour, l'autre, Maison Europde la Photographie, Paris, France; Magazzini del Sale, Venice, Italy; Mairie de Saint-Ouen l'Aum, France; Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York, USA

Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, Santiago de Chile, Chile

Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan

De Temps en Temps, Centre National de la Photographie, Paris, France

Vingt Contemporains vus par Martine Franck, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France

Des Femmes et la Cr, Maison de la Culture du Havre, France

Galerie Municipale du Chd'Eau, Toulouse, France

1981 - 1982
Le Temps de Vieillir, MusNiepce, ChSa, France; MalmMuseum, Malm, Sweden

Selected Publications:

Martine Franck, The Kahitsukan Kyoto Museum of Contemporary Art

Martine Franck, Photopoche Actes Sud France
Martine Franck, Phaidon, London and Paris

Fables, Actes Sud, Paris

Martine Franck Photographe, Adam Biro, France

Tibetan Tulkus, images of continuity, Rossi & Rossi, UK

D'un jour, l'autre, Le Seuil, France; (One day to the next) Thames & Hudson, UK, Aperture, USA
Tory, Ile aux Confins de l'Europe, Benteli, Switzerland
De Temps en Temps, Les Petits Frdes Pauvres, France

Le Temps de Vieillir, DenoFilipacchi, France

Les Luberons, Le ChFrance

Martine Franck, Contrejour, France