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Tracing the emergence of a whole new aesthetic and genre of photography, this selection of rare paparazzi prints illustrates the creation of a more candid, intimate and revealing depiction of celebrities that swiftly replaced the more controlled and posed studio imagery of the publicity machines of the film studios. The style of photograph here retains the more intimate quality of early paparazzi, in which the photographer and subjects share the same territory, which is often not the case in contemporary images. An air of collusion and the game of cat and mouse are captured by these early street photographers when snapping celebrities, such as Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren and Mick Jagger. Following the death of John Lennon, celebrity security has heavily tightened. Along with this, the creation of the role of publicist has put new limits on what can and cannot be published. Thus, this style of paparazzi photography has been lost. Today, content rules over form. Little attention is paid to framing or composition, the main focus being on capturing the target. The shots are often taken with telephoto lenses and the subjects do not appear to be aware of being photographed.